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Creating a conservation culture includes a whole variety of programs, values, and behaviors.

Students at Rocky Mountain High School are in charge of the recycling program.

Students helped develop and distribute these switchplate signs which are in every classroom in the school.

RMHS Thanks A Watt

Reducing Energy Consumption and Creating a Conservation Culture in Organizations: A Case Study of One Public School District

How can existing schools significantly reduce their energy use? Using a case study methodology, wecompare two public high schools from the same school district, one that has achieved moderate energy savings and another that has reduced its electricity use by 50% over several years. The greater success at one school is the result of integrated efforts at all levels within the organization, from district administrators to individual students. Success is based on structural changes, individual behavioral change, and, most important, the weaving of both into a cohesive organizational culture emphasizing conservation.

How to Go Green: Creating a Conservation Culture in a Public High School through Education, Modeling, and Communication

This study demonstrates that conservation efforts, when modeled successfully in a public school setting, can simultaneously and synergistically meet the goals of conservation and sustainability education.

Organizational Transformation for Energy Conservation

Since 2000, Poudre School District has built seven green schools and steadily improved the energy performance of all existing school buildings. This report provides the results of a case study that examined how Poudre School District adopted innovative practices and became a national leader in high performance buildings. We found that the adoption of sustainable design guidelines and a sustainability ethic was part of a larger organizational transformation that made sustainability the core mission of Operations Services.

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