Organizational Change


LibraryFor over a decade PSD has been working to create sustainable schools. Their mission is to design and operate buildings that:

  • teach
  • are green
  • are cost effective

teaching wall cut out Zach Elementary, Poudre School District

The teaching wall at Zach elementary exposes the building systems in the first high performance, green school.

In 2010 more than two-thirds of their schools earned the Energy Star label for schools.


Sustainability efforts within businesses and government agencies often require transformative changes in organizational management in addition to individual behavior change. Caros develops a comprehensive strategy to enable businesses and agencies to meet their goals for reduced energy consumption and maximize the value of every sustainability dollar.

At Caros, we approach organizational goals from the dual perspective of the organization and the individual.

In addition to utilizing the principles of social marketing to identify behavioral targets and design messages, we help public and private entities address organizational barriers through:

• Assessment of current policy and practices
• Examination of official and informal social networks that can be leveraged for change
• Management consultation on change levers including: communication, leadership, informal social networks, and policies and practices related to sustainability



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