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Jeni Cross Rocky Mountain High School Thanks a Watt

Dr. Jeni Cross is a community sociologist, who focuses her research on problems and interests of community partners.


Jointly, Carōs’ partners have over 35 years of experience in the social science field, with a focus on understanding and applying the principles of behavior and social change.

Pat Aloise-Young, Ph.D. Psychology
Principal Consultant
Dr. Aloise-Young is an Associate Professor in the Psychology Department at Colorado State University. She focuses on psychosocial predictors of behavior including image factors, peer influence and normative beliefs.

Jeni Cross, Ph.D. Sociology
Principal Consultant
Dr. Cross is an Assistant Professor in the Sociology Department at Colorado State University. Her research interests include community development, social norms campaigns, community-based participatory research, and social network analysis.

Gwen Sieving , M.S. Health Management and Behavior Change
Senior Behavioral Consultant
Ms. Sieving is a health educator who specializes in assisting clients in changing their health behaviors. She also has experience with developing and administering educational curricula.

Carōs’ partners share a commitment to making social science accessible and useful to society.

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