Sustainable development


Sustainability DiagramThe core of mainstream sustainability thinking has become the idea of three dimensions:

  • environmental
  • social and
  • economic sustainability.


The World Conservation Union, 2006


Local Energy Planning: Lessons Learned in 30 Communities Around the U.S

In this report, ACEEE summarizes the progress communities have made in their planning processes and analyzes the key choices that local leaders make when drawing up strategic energy plans.

Successful programs for promoting home energy efficiency improvements

The Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has compiled case studies of community programs to increase demand for home energy efficiency improvements.  This website includes a variety of resources including presentations and full reports. 

New Buildings Institute Sensitivity Analysis of high performance buildings

"The goal of this study is to compare the magnitude of energy impact that modifications to design, operation and tenant behavior characteristics have on total building energy use."

Doug Mackenzie-Mohr's Community-Based Social Marketing resources

Doug Mackenzie-Mohr's work on Fostering Sustainable Behavior has inspired people around the world to employ the principles of CBSM to produce behavior change.  His website is a clearinghouse of information.

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