Rocky Mountain High School
People make the difference
Dave Swartz, Jeni Cross, Rocky Mountain High School


Other high schools in Poudre School District reduced their electricity consumtion by about 35% over seven years. Rocky Mountian High School was able to achieve a 50% reduction because of the active engagement of people in the building.

Teachers, custodians, students and other staff made the difference.


In 2000, Rocky Mountain High School (RMHS) was using almost 10 kWh/square foot/year. In 2007, they were using less than 5 kWh/square foot/year. Over seven years they reduced their electricity use by over 50% and their costs by over $40,000.

 We were asked two questions:

  1. How did a building built in 1973 achieve this level of conservation?
  2.  How can conservation at this level be replicated at other schools?

To answer these questions we used focus groups, interviews, document analysis, and a review of scientific studies to understand the variety of activities that resulted in energy conservation at RMHS.

We found that comprehensive efforts at the district and school levels created the change. Four integrated efforts created the change:

  • Commitment to Change
  • Charismatic Leaders
  • Communication
  • Culture of Conservation
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