Power of People

Carōs Consulting helps clients develop solutions that harness the power of people.  Many solutions to sustainability issues have the greatest potentional for success when they incorporate people and behavior changes.

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Dr. Aloise-Young designed a community-based social marketing campaign specifically for the residence halls at Colorado State University. The Flip Off the Phantom campaign helped students reduce their electricity consumption more than any other efforts tried in the residence halls.

Conservation Culture
Jeni Cross, hallway and lockers, Rocky Mountain High School, Fort Collins, CO

Existing buildings can be much more energy efficient when the building occupants are actively engaged in a culture of conservation.


“How can we get people in our community to adopt sustainable behaviors?”

Social science tells us that changing behaviors requires more than just changing attitudes and knowledge. Successful social marketing efforts are carried out at the community level and are culturally relevant, directly engaging community members.

Caros Consulting can help organizations:

  • engage members of your community
  • identify community-specific barriers to behavior change
  • develop a campaign that will resonate with your community


“How can we make our sustainability programs more successful?”

Making sustainability efforts successful often requires transformative changes in organizations. At Caros, we approach organizational goals from the dual perspective of the organization and the individual.

We can help you maximize the value of every sustainability dollar by:
  • selecting behavioral targets and designing messages
  • evaluating current policy and practices
  • identifying social networks that can be leveraged for change


"How can we know that what we’re doing is working?”

Successful programs collect data on both the process and the outcomes. At Caros, we help clients measure and document the impact of their sustainability efforts. Caros offers you the opportunity to contract with us for all or only some of these services, depending on your needs.

Contact us to find out how we can help you be successful.

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