Success Stories

Research on Existing Successful Practices

Carōs helps our clients to document and replicate successful sustainability programs. Program evaluation can be used to help develop new programs or to examine the foundations of successful efforts.

Jeni Cross at Rocky Mountain High School, Fort Collins, COCreating A Conservation Culture

Schools are an optimal environment for energy conservation programs because of their synergy with sustainability education. In the Poudre School District, schools that have the best energy performance are also engaging students in energy clubs, environmental classes, recycling programs, and other educational activities.


Rocky Mountain High School
 asked us to find out, "How did one school reduce electricity consumption by 50%, and how can we replicate that at the other schools in the district?"

Poudre School District (PSD) has become a national leader in sustainable design and building operations. We studied how organizational change led to innovation in design and operation of dozens of highly energy efficient buildings.

Custom Programs Created for Clients

Carōs assists clients to create customized campaigns to influence individual behaviors and consulting to address the organizational barriers to effective sustainability plans.

Pat Aloise-Young Slays the Phantom Colorado State UniversityFlip Off the Phantom

We developed a social marketing campaign that helped students reduce electricity consumption in the residence halls at Colorado State University.

When electronic devices are on standby and can be turned on with a remote, they are not actually turned off and are still using electricity called a "Phantom Load".


TILT Building Colorado State University Study RoomTILT Building

We worked with the Colorado State University Facilities Management staff  to help occupants in this historic building to examine their routines and adopt energy conserving behaviors. Building occupants immediately adopted new behaviors, created a sustainability team, and reduced their energy consumption the first month. Engaging building occupants is the most low cost method for reducing energy use, green house gases, and energy costs.



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