Behavioral Myths

 Behavioral Myths What changes behavior slide

In this presentation (PDF) Jeni and Pat explain how we engage people in energy conservation by Spurring Individual Action and Changing Organizations.


Jeni Cross TEDxCSU March 2013Three Myths of Behavior Change: 
What You Think You Know that You Don't

In this talk, Dr. Cross discusses the common knowledge that keeps us from creating effective behavior change programs.

Event: TEDxCSU, March 2, 2013


cross-125 Shifting Organizational Culture

Dr. Cross discusses how theories of leadership, organizational transformation, and interagency relationships apply to energy conservation efforts within organizations using two public school districts as illustrative cases.

Event: Climate, Buildings and Behavior, May 2012


Pat Aloise-Young Climate Mind Behavior 2012

The Importance of Behavioral Plasticity for Carbon Savings

Stemming the flow of climate change will require behavioral change, but what kind? There are many paths to reducing carbon emissions. Where should we direct our efforts? 

Event: Climate, Mind and Behavior, February 2012


Fort Collins Business Innovation Series 2011Employee Engagement in Sustainability 

Inspire your team to engage in sustainability efforts and continue these activities within your organization. Discuss organizational values and behaviors that foster learning, empowerment and creativity. Hear about the role of intra- and inter-agency relationships and professional networks in launching, broadening and maintaining involvement in sustainability efforts.

Jeni Cross, Lead Researcher, Caros Consulting;
Pete Dignan, Executive Director, CORE Colorado;
Josie Plaut, CSU, Institute for the Built Environment

Event: Business Innovation Fair, City of Fort Collins, October 2011


CenergyExpoBehavioral Change for Energy Conservation     

This presentation explains the benefits of social science research for encouraging behavior change and creating energy conservation.

Event: Cenergy Expo, April 2011, Pat Aloise-Young PDF



Green Up Your Act: Employee Engagement

How do organzations engage and motivate employees to practice sustainability? We discuss successful case studies and provide tips to encourage culture change and create mindset shifts.

Featured: Jeni Cross & Josie Plaut

Event: Business Environmental Series, Fort Collins, CO


Jeni Cross at RMHS Fort Collins, COOrganizational Change for Energy Conservation

How did one public school reduce their electricity consumption by 50%? This change is the result of culture change within the school and within the district. Charismatic leaders, communication, and commitment set the stage for lasting change.

Event: Colorado Renewable Energy Society, Fort Collins, CO, September, 2009




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